Francis William Eldridge 1889-1976

Francis William “Frank” ELDRIDGE was born 11 February 1889 in Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, United States to parents Peter Charles ELDRIDGE (of Boston) and Elizabeth MORRISSEY (of Newfoundland).  At the time of Frank’s birth they were living at 2 Holden Row in the Charlestown neighborhood of Boston.  He was the oldest son in the family, and… Continue reading Francis William Eldridge 1889-1976


Lauretta Eldridge & Children

This is one of my favorite family photographs, circa 1950.  This is my grandmother, Lauretta Frances Eldridge (b. 3 Sept. 1909, d. 13 April 1989) with her three children. Lauretta was married three times.  Lauretta first married Harold Aitken and together they had a daughter named Gertrude Aitken (married name Caggiano).  Later, Lauretta married her… Continue reading Lauretta Eldridge & Children


Macedonian Conditions in 1906

Stumbled across this Google Book today; Official Documents Concerning the Deplorable Condition of Affairs in Macedonia published in 1906.  Not for the faint of heart.  Details horrendous activities taking place in Macedonia at the turn of the century. My ancestors emigrated in 1920; this description of conditions at the time may help to explain why they… Continue reading Macedonian Conditions in 1906


Demetrea Family of Kardamili Greece (Updated 4/2/2018)

Sitting on this donkey is my great-grandmother, Anastasia “Annie” Demetrea Spileos b. 1893 in Laconia Greece – d. 1965 in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Anastasia’s Naturalization Record indicates that she was born in Laconia Greece and that her “last known residence” was Kalamata Greece, before she emigrated to the U.S.A. in 1913. This photograph was taken during… Continue reading Demetrea Family of Kardamili Greece (Updated 4/2/2018)